Our personal worlds have shrunk. We wake up, have breakfast, commute to another room in our house, work or go to school on our computers, eat dinner, and go to sleep. Then we repeat it the next day…and the next. If we are lucky, we actually take a shower or take a few moments to step outside for some fresh air. Well being boxed in is not healthy for us for several reasons, so we are going to take it head on. This week, we want you to GO ON AN ADVENTURE. The idea of an adventure can mean a lot of things to different people. Especially today when your comfort level might be the adventure of going to the grocery store. So we don’t want to place any expectations that don’t feel safe or comfortable for you. Having said that, however, we also believe that sometimes a little nudge is a good thing. How does a nice car ride to the mountains or the coast sound about now? How does it feel to discover a new hiking trail or bike path? Or what about starting the adventure of a new hobby or personal goal you’ve always wanted to achieve. If things are feeling a bit dull and routine right now, then you are in the perfect space for this week. You are the one that can change it up. You are the one who can choose your adventure and who you want to take with you. It’s time to discover again. Going on an adventure matters.

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