We live in a competitive world. There is only one first-place trophy and second place is really just the first loser, as “they” like to put it. We see competitiveness in schools, workplaces, sports, and, yes, even on freeways and in parking lots. “That’s my spot.” “I deserve that promotion.” “I got the top score.” And somewhere in this line of thinking is a sense of entitlement… that the “it” ought to be yours. Now this can be healthy, after all, being competitive drives us to work harder, push our limits, and grow. The conflict is that this is not typically what is driving us, rather, we need to win to feel good about ourselves or show others. Well, we think it is time to flip things around. This week, we want you to shoot to GO SECOND. That’s right, let “them” have that parking spot… it’s not really yours anyway. Let them be the first through the door on “door-buster-sale” day. Really, everyone can’t bust through those doors at the same time… even though they sure try. And when it comes to accomplishing certain goals in life, do it because it is a personal achievement, not in the spirit of beating someone else. Otherwise, just let it go and let them go. It’s going to be ok. In fact, it might be a relief. Going second matters.

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