There are many definitions for “grace,” but what we’re playing with this week is a feeling of tenderness, a feeling of vulnerability, and the act of stepping lightly with lots of space for forgiving others (and ourselves). This is the kind of grace that knows that there is a difference between being right and being kind—and that sometimes, if not most times, it’s better to be kind than right. So get ready to feel something really special, because this week we want you to GO WITH GRACE. The beautiful thing about grace is that we can build more of it into our lives, and it starts with gratefulness. When we focus on gratitude and what we’re grateful for, grace starts to seep in. We can start being kinder and more generous to others and ourselves. We allow others to make mistakes, and we have compassion and understanding towards them. We also get to remember that we want others to do the same for us when we mess up. Grace opens up a sweet space for emotions and feelings, and lets them move through us without judgment or fear. When we live a life of gratitude, grace walks hand-in-hand with us—allowing the world and others to be as they are and letting us find ways to contribute as we can. Going with grace matters.

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