Convenience and health seem to be in a bit of a battle these days. Either we opt for the quick, pre-packaged meal or snack that we usually purchase from the middle aisles of the grocery store; or, we opt for something healthier from nature that comes from one very special side of the store… the fruits and veggies side. Well, enough of good versus fast, because there are plenty of fast and healthy options that feature all that good-for-us stuff. So, this week, get ready to GO WITH PLANTS. Need a quick healthy snack? Grab an apple. On a tight food budget? Buy fruits and veggies. Not only are they the healthiest thing you can eat, they are also the best value for your buck. Just check the next time you are at the grocery store by comparing the per-pound price of beef, chicken, or fish with the per-pound price of any vegetable. Into candy? Did you know most candies are flavored after real fruit flavors? So, don’t buy the artificially flavored strawberry gum, buy actual strawberries and enjoy. Care about the environment? Guessing you already know that plant-based foods are better for our air, soil, and water conservation efforts. So, are you ready for fast and good? You really can have both. Going with plants matters.

Check out for great plant-based recipes.

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