Do you live with a little too much excess? Stuff? Food? Money? Well, this might be a bit of a harsh way to start this week off, so let’s rephrase it. Are you someone who loves shoes and, because of your love for shoes, has 20 or 30 pairs of them? Are you someone who loves golf, so you always buy the newest driver and now you have ten “old” drivers in your garage? Well, we are not going to call you out, but we might have some helpful tips to offer instead. This week, we want you to DO WITHOUT. There is a saying that we think sums this week up pretty nicely: “If you have it to give, then give it.” Yes, if you have 30 pairs of shoes or 10 “old” drivers, this saying is for you. Many of us have amassed way more than we need. So much so that it is even challenging to find a vacancy at the local public storage facility. The idea that we don’t have enough space to store everything we own under our own roof so we store the rest of it a random nearby room might be one of the strangest concepts ever. It gets even weirder when we have to upgrade to the larger unit. Enough is enough. There are people in our communities that would benefit greatly for our excess. So stop squeezing it so tightly, because you can’t take it with you anyway. Doing without matters.

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