We are all familiar with the saying, “When all else fails, we still have hope.” Meaning, once we have tried everything there is to try and have done everything there is to do, the last thing we have left is hope. There is something comforting about this, because it keeps us believing there is still a chance. It also has a way of helping us see that maybe there are other forces at play besides what we can do. But this week, we want you to HOLD ONTO HOPE in a different sort of way. We don’t want hope to only be the last thing remaining, we also want it to be the very place we all start. Hope is like a vitamin. Hope is energizing. Hope is the spark for our dreams and goals and aspirations. We all have hopes at different times throughout our lives. Our hopes when we were younger might look different from our hopes now, but they are still all hopes. So what do you hope for? For yourself? For your friends and family? For the world? Better yet, how do these hopes inspire you to take action and to make them a reality? And when things don’t go exactly as planned, do you simply let go of that hope or do you hold onto it and get back on track? Let hope drive you and to keep believing. And if, for whatever reason, we feel like our hope tank is empty, just remember that we still have hope. Holding onto hope matters.

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