As a culture, as a world, as people, we have gotten off track. Somehow we have found ourselves in what now is being called the “Post-Truth Era.” Meaning we no longer value one truth, but instead any of us can come up with our own truth, even if all logic and scientific evidence proves otherwise. This has opened the door for falsehoods, #fakenews, outright lies, and a complete devaluing of honesty and integrity. Why? Because is just seems like that’s okay. But this is not the brave way to live, nor is it wise. So this week, we’re all going to HONOR HONESTY and remember that the truth—even though it’s not always easy to hear—sets us free. Can you imagine a world where everyone was honest? Where it wasn’t said if it wasn’t true, and we could actually believe and trust in one another again? We can. Now, this doesn’t mean that we get to go around dropping truth bombs on everyone. Instead, we will look at what it takes to cultivate a kind honesty that still respects others’ intentions, experiences, and actions. We’ll discover how to create a culture of honesty in our lives, homes, classrooms, workplaces, and communities. We’ll honor the honesty that is shown to us when others are brave enough to tell us the truth. This week, be brave enough to be honest. Honesty matters.

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