To honor someone is to regard or treat them with admiration and respect. How does that statement make you feel? Does it feel like there has been a lot of honoring in our culture as of late, or maybe something that feels just the opposite? How about on social media? To honor someone is to lift them up, give recognition to, and express gratitude towards. We think our world needs more of precisely this, so this week, let’s HONOR OTHERS. When we look at our calendar it is filled with days that remind us to honor others—Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and several others. But honoring others should not be saved for a few Mondays throughout the year directed at a few target audiences. We want to make honoring a part of our daily life. So, who do you honor? Maybe it is a family member, friend, or a neighbor. Maybe it is your child’s teacher or coach? Or maybe it is a member of your greater community doing something admirable? Secondly, why do you honor them? Is it because they are considerate and purposeful? Or maybe because they live their values and beliefs, and they inspire us to do the same? Lastly, how do you honor them? There is a reason we included the word “honor” so many times in this paragraph. We hope it helps to make our point and want you to know how much you matter to us. Honor others matters.

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