In response to months of experiencing the impact of COVID-19 and the requests we received from people asking us to create experiences that delivered some much-need levity, we had decided to make the month of June all about having fun. That decision lasted for one week. Because of the call to action against systemic racism and abuse we have all witnessed over the past ten days, we have changed our monthly theme to MONDAY GETS REAL. For we believe it is time for all of us to get real with what is, and has been for years, happening to and with our Black community. We hope you appreciate this change and, more importantly, engage with us. Being REAL matters.



We keep hearing from people who are unsure of what to do in a time like this. People are afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing; but they are also afraid that if they don’t say or do something that it makes them appear complicit. At the same time, people are feeling pressured to post stuff on social media, even though they may not understand what it all means or don’t know what to share and don’t want to post something just because everyone else is. There is no one-size-fits-all way for us to move forward. This is not a time for us to be critical and judgmental of one another, for each of us is different and should be allowed to experience and engage in a manner that is authentic and genuine. So, this week, we want you to HONOR THE PROCESS. We found inspiration for this idea from an actual social media post that reads: “Some are protesting on social media; some are protesting in the streets; some are donating silently; some are educating themselves; some are having tough conversations with friends and family. A revolution has many lanes—be kind to yourself and to others who are traveling in the same direction. Just keep your foot on the gas.” We love these words. Yes, we believe it is time for everyone to get involved to end systemic racism against the Black community. But please do it in a way, or ways, that is true to you. Honoring the process matters.

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