Culture isn’t something that just exists. Culture is created by each and every one of us, whether we realize it or not. Yes, that means you, too. You create culture. Your presence in a room changes the culture of that room. Your presence in your neighborhood impacts the culture of your block. The same goes for your presence in the world. So, this week, we’re asking you to be aware of the part you play in creating culture and bring intention to it by HOSTING SOMETHING. When you host something, you are intentionally creating an event for others to join you at. And when you bring others together, you are contributing to culture. So this week, celebrate the cultures that are out there and create one of your own by getting involved with others. Create a book club or a supper club for friends and family where you can learn from each other’s perspective. Host a block party to get to know others around you better. Invite some local musicians to jam in your backyard and create music together. Throw together a game night and just have some fun. Whatever you do, get mindful about the culture you’re contributing to and creating. Hosting something matters.

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