Getting fresh is no small task, that’s why we have spent an entire month on it. You’ve searched your soul, built your team, set your goals, and expanded your horizons. Phew… what a year already, right? But here’s where it gets really fun, because now you’re going to put it all into action. It’s time to celebrate you and to introduce yourself to the world. This week, it’s time to INAUGURATE YOU. Who said that inaugurations are only for presidents? We certainly didn’t. And, do they really have to happen every four years? What about making it an annual thing or every Month or Monday, for that matter? To be perfectly honest, we’re more interested in what over 300 million inaugurations of empowered, driven individuals can do. As long as their goals are good for themselves and for others, and they help us create a world where everyone knows how much they matter – then we say, everyone can be in charge. So how is your inauguration celebration going to unfold and what is your agenda? We can’t wait to hear about and see it. Imagine that today is the first day of your first 100 days of mattering. Now we’re talking. Have fun, be good to people, do right by our planet, and lead the way. Inaugurating you matters.

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