Feedback is a tricky thing. We need feedback to learn. To be informed. Because ultimately, feedback is what allows us to grow. For it is honest feedback, from trusted people, that allows us to fine-tune the areas we already do well and to take some bigger strides in the areas that need a little more work. But, even though we know it is a good thing for us, it doesn’t mean it is always easy to hear. In fact, sometimes it can be quite difficult to hear, which is why it makes sense that we don’t ask for it very often. It’s that whole touching the hot stove thing again. But we believe that it is part of everyone’s responsibility, and hopefully desire, to constantly improve and to become the best versions of themselves; so, this week, we want you to INVITE FEEDBACK. Maybe it is feedback at work or at school. Or from a friend or someone at home. We all have different roles that we play throughout our day and most of those roles involve interaction with other people. In other words, there is plenty of access for feedback, if we just invite it. Just make sure to only ask people who will deliver it from a place of love and growth, not judgment or hurt. Inviting healthy feedback matters.

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