We have all heard the saying, “There are no more new ideas.” Now we aren’t going to spend time debating this, because 1) it’s impossible to prove, and 2) we’re not so sure it is the case. But let’s just assume this is correct for a moment. Even if every idea was already somebody else’s idea, it doesn’t mean that someone knew about the original idea in the first place. In other words, even if there aren’t any more original ideas, it doesn’t mean that all ideas have been shared. And, to that end, what good is an idea that no one has heard? So, this week, we want to INVITE NEW IDEAS. Just think about it… we would have never landed on the moon if someone had the idea, but never shared it. We wouldn’t have smart phones either. Nor would we have Uber. Sure not all ideas are great ideas, but how will we ever know without sharing them. So, let’s get crazy. What is an idea that you have but never shared? Or what is an idea that someone has shared with you but they just left it at that… an idea? If it was a good one, maybe you can encourage them to take it to the next level. Even Every Monday Matters started as an idea. We were just crazy enough to turn it into something bigger. So ideate away and then execute on the good ones. New ideas matter.

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