We do it with friends, significant others, colleagues, other drivers on the road, pilots, the chef at the restaurant, and the waiter who takes our credit cards. It’s called, “Trust.” It’s something we actually do freely when we are younger. We trust everything until we learn that we can’t always trust. We are even taught that we’re not supposed to trust everyone. You know, that “Stranger Danger” thing. All of a sudden trust becomes something that needs to be shared sparingly; it has to be earned, or earned back… if it can be. But here’s the deal, without trust, all hope is lost. So, this week, we want you to JUST TRUST. Now, we obviously don’t want to throw all caution to the wind here and maybe a little bit of “Stranger Danger” is good for all ages; but it might also be possible that we’ve lost touch with trusting just a little more than we do. We’ve been burned by a friend, judged unfairly, hit by another car, or had our heart broken. It all adds up and, slowly, this beautiful thing called “trust” becomes harder to embrace. But let’s just say this is not the way the script has to play out. Let’s trust again. Let’s not assume the worse or be so skeptical. Let’s set the bar back up a little higher. Trusting matters.

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