There’s a lot of talk and research about how the Earth is warming up and how even one-degree warmer per year can make a real difference to our planet and our existence. We’ve seen the scientific models that illustrate the potential risk to coastal cities around the world. And, if those models aren’t quite believable for everyone, we can’t deny the effects of climate change that we have all witnessed with our own eyes—year-round wildfires, polar vortexes, devastating droughts, and massive flooding. It’s time for us to take serious ownership and action. This week, we will prioritize the climate and do our part to KEEP IT COOL. Helping to keep our planet cool is actually one of the easiest things for each of us to do, because it is simply a matter of small choices that add up. Turn off the lights, plant a tree, shut the windows when the air conditioner is running, eat all the food you purchase at the grocery store, invest in green technologies, walk more or use public transportation, recycle, don’t waste water. The list is miles long. But whether or not we make any of these choices is up to us. There was a day when being called a “tree hugger” wasn’t necessarily a compliment. Well, it is now. So go hug away, because the Earth matters… and so does keeping it cool.

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