Bigger, stronger, faster, more, more, more. Sound familiar? If 12-ounces wasn’t enough, now you can get 24, 32, or even 64… because 64-ounces is certainly better than just 12. Or is it? At what point do we hit the law of diminishing returns? In other words, when is too much actually hurting us more than it is benefiting us? This is a question that we can ask ourselves about a lot of things. And, frankly, we need to ask that question way more often. For, if we knew the answer and acted accordingly, we could eliminate so much of the noise, the excess, the waste and create space for everything that matters, like appreciation. So, this week, we want you to KNOW IT’S ENOUGH. Remember when you got your “First” anything? Your first job? Your first date? Your first pair of dress shoes? Designer purse? Car? Kiss? There was something so special in each of those moments. You were a kid in a candy shop. The world was full of wonder. And, now you have 15 pair of shoes and actually want more. You are lucky enough to have one home and now you’re thinking you need two. Let’s get back to the basics. It’s time to appreciate everything we have… really, it’s enough, even if it’s just a little. Knowing it’s enough matters.

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