There is a good chance you care about many things. From our friends and family to our communities and climate, we make commitments to the things we value. Since there are so many things we care about, we may have different levels of how much we care about those things. We might care more about our friendships than our status on social media. We might care more about our performance on the field than in the classroom. Have you ever prioritized the things you care about? Well, this week, we are going to get to KNOW WHAT MATTERS MOST. The sudden shift in our lives due to a virus and the need to keep everyone safe and healthy, created an opportunity for us to discover and rediscover what truly matters most to us—the things our hearts cannot do without… the big stuff. Maybe you value family and meaningful connections more than ever before. Maybe you appreciate your friends and laughter more because absence has truly made the heart grow fonder. Maybe you value learning new skills and knowledge. You might care deeply about peace and happiness or self-worth and honesty. This week, let’s determine what we value most of all. Connect to it. Celebrate it. Care for it. This is why, knowing what matters most, matters.

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