What matters most to you? Big question, we know. But we believe it is one of the most important questions we can ask. Because in order to live a life that is aligned with our priorities and is filled with meaning and purpose, we need to know how to answer this question. If not, bright shiny objects easily distract us; or we fall victim to simply living and surviving instead of thriving. Well, we want everyone to feel like they are living a life of significance and thankfulness, so we want you to KNOW WHAT MATTERS MOST. On average, we spend: 8.6 hours working or doing work-related tasks, 7.6 hours sleeping, 2.6 hours on leisure activities, 1.1 hours doing household chores, 1.1 hours eating and drinking, 1.2 hours caring for others and 1.8 hours doing miscellaneous things including sitting in traffic. At the same time, when asked what matters most, most people answer with things like health, family, friends, relationships, and happiness or joy. Maybe your answers sound similar. Since we can’t add more hours to our day, we need to either make some adjustments in our schedule or figure out how to maximize the little time that we have. We can do this. We need to do this. Spending time on what matters most is never wasted time. Knowing what matters most, matters.

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