I’m not sure whether Fred McFeely Rogers knew how disconnected we would become, but 895 times, from 1968–2001, Mr. Rogers came onto our television screens and asked us to “be his neighbor.” Today, many of us don’t even know our neighbors’ names, let alone anything else about them. We’ve let the walls of our houses or apartments build distance between relationships with our neighbors. So much for borrowing milk or butter—now we can just have it delivered. The irony is that we all long for community, but we don’t take the necessary steps to have one. So, this week, we’re challenging you to KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR. Regardless of whether you live in a downtown apartment building or out in rural America, we all have neighbors. Introduce yourself this week. Invite them to dinner or a night out on the town. Cover the distance that lives between you with questions and conversation. While you are at it, go find the neighbors in your town you haven’t met yet, including those in assisted-living communities, people working in nearby businesses, and the good folks who deliver your mail, teach your children, and protect us all every day. Remember, you have to be a good neighbor to have a good neighbor. So, get neighborly. Knowing your neighbor matters.

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