When asked what we like to do for fun, it’s typically an easy answer. When asked what we are good at doing, it can also be a fairly easy answer, although most of us don’t like to boast. But when asked what we are passionate about, it might not be as simple because being good at something or having fun doing it doesn’t mean we are passionate about it. Things we are passionate about connect our mind, body, and soul. Our eyes light up when we talk about it. Our heart beats stronger when we think about it. And we are unwavering in our conviction. We hope everyone has at least one passion, so this week, we want you to KNOW YOUR PASSION. Finding and knowing our passions takes time. Why? Because they run deeper and connect more to who we are. Passions have a way of helping us know what we care about and reminding us of what matters most. It’s easy to think that a young person likes video games because they are fun, but maybe it’s more than that. Maybe they love design and the creative process. Maybe they are passionate about the future so they dive deeply into futuristic games that suspend disbelief. Or maybe they are passionate about meeting new people from around the world by playing together online. So ask yourself why, when it comes to things you do. Then ask it again and again til you finally get to the root of it. That is where our passions lie. Knowing your passion matters.

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