How well do you know your own history? Your family’s history? The history of your own culture? There is real power in knowing where you come from. When you know the joys and struggles of your ancestors, you start to learn a little bit more about yourself—your habits, your dreams, and how you contribute to the world. Each one of us is made up of all the people that come before us, and taking the time to get to know where we come from helps us take ownership over our own lives and identities. This week, take time to KNOW YOUR ROOTS and start to understand the culture you come from and the culture you contribute to. Get to know the parts of yourself that are made up from others, and appreciate that you are standing on the shoulders of the people who came before you. Recognize that you are still yourself—even though your identity is tied to others—and that you get to choose the parts of yourself that you carry forward and the parts that you leave behind. And, embrace your own personal history and use that story to create your own future. This week, appreciate the sacrifices, joys, and accomplishments of those who came before you and be wholly yourself. Knowing your roots matter.

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