One of the most important, yet most challenging, things we can do in life is to get to know ourselves. Can you feel the excitement and the weight of that statement? Well a big part of being consistent is first knowing who we are and how we show up everyday in the world. What do we love? What do we fear? What morals and values do we hold in the highest regard and what do we find unacceptable? What are our hopes and dreams, as well as our biggest regrets? These are deep questions, but they matter… in a big way. So this week, we hope to inspire you to get one step closer to truly KNOWING YOURSELF. To begin with, getting to know yourself is a journey. It might start with looking backwards at the moments, both good and bad, and the people who have formed and informed who you are today. On the flip side, you also get the opportunity to consider who you want to become in the future, which will impact the choices you make today. This is why we think this process is so important and empowering. A better understanding of who and why we are allows us to take agency of our life. It allows us to show up in complete authenticity and to finally own how amazing each and every one of us is, even in our imperfections. Finally, it allows us to just be. To be present. To be honest. To be real. Knowing yourself matters.

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