Leadership is one of the most judged, dissected, and criticized words in the English language. Everyone knows the five, seven, and ten best ways to be a leader. When things are good, everyone gets behind the leader. But when things aren’t so good, it is quite the opposite… just ask the head coach of any professional sports team. Because of this, being a leader can be scary and often times we avoid stepping in and stepping up to lead. We can’t say that we necessarily blame you, if you tend to avoid leadership because of this. But our schools, families, communities, companies, country needs good leadership, so this week, we want you to be brave and to LEAD A TEAM. What part of your life are you willing and ready to take more of a leadership role in? Maybe it is on a project at work? Maybe it is in something that gives back to your community? Or maybe it is even your personal health? Only you can decide because only you will lead the way. And, please don’t worry about being perfect. Leaders, like all humans, make mistakes. But we promise that if you lead with respect, kindness, equity, and compassion, those you lead will support you along the way. So stand tall, but don’t go at it alone. And, thank you, for stepping up. Being a leader matters.

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