How we love and what we love differs from person to person. One may love getting up early and watching the sunrise. Another may love sleeping in and savoring the long stretch to starting the day. One person may love cats. Another dogs. Love can be unconditional, but it can also be filled with conditions and only temporary. As a child, maybe you loved bubble gum ice cream, but as an adult, not so much. But what matters most is that we all have the ability to express and receive love. Even as scary and vulnerable as love can be, it is also something we all need more of, both individually and collectively. So, this week, let’s LEAN INTO LOVE. How do you express love? Are you outspoken about it and find yourself saying that special four-letter word several times throughout your days and weeks? Or are you more non-verbal about it and express your love through subtle, but meaningful actions like bringing someone flowers or being a hugger or making someone’s favorite meal. Or maybe you are someone who has been hurt by love, so you now guard your heart and stay away from it. We get it… nothing can hurt us as much as love; but this can’t keep all of us from expressing and receiving such a special thing. If we want a more loving world, we all need to be more loving. Leaning into love matters.

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