You have often heard us say that life was not meant to be done alone. We are social creatures and have a deep need to connect with one another. However, this is not just true for the good stuff. This doesn’t mean that we only need one another to eat dinner together or to go for a hike. We are talking about the times when things aren’t so rosy. When you didn’t get the grade you wanted or the promotion you went after. When you broke your leg and had crutches for 2 months. Who were you in these situations and how did you respond? Did you bottle it up and take it all on alone or did you reach out for help? We believe that connecting with people is important in everything, so this week, we want you to LEARN TO LEAN. We apologize if we’re stressing out your ego a little bit right now… even though we really aren’t that sorry. No one is so strong that they can do it all on their own… and why would you ever want to? There are people that love you… that care for you. Sure they want to be there to celebrate with you, but they also want to be their when you need a shoulder or an ear. So, reach out. Share your true self and learn to enjoy the benefits of your true friends. Learning to lean matters.

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