Who are you? How did you get here? Where did your name come from? What is your story? For many of us, these are questions we don’t take enough time to answer, let alone ask. But why? Aren’t they interesting? Don’t they matter to us? Well, we think they do, so, this week, we want you to LEARN YOUR ROOTS. Everyone has a story… including you. But, your story started long before you were even born. It started with your mother and father’s story, and their parents’ stories, and their parents’ stories, and all of the family stories before them. It probably started in another city, state, or even country. And, how many years ago? See, this is all a part of what makes you who you are today. And, one day, your story will be a part of someone else’s story… or maybe it is already. It’s time for us to start appreciating our larger story in the world. It’s time to learn more about ourselves and the web of circumstances that created us. Because learning the interconnectedness of our stories allows us to see beyond ourselves… it changes our perspective to see something bigger. And, that is good for the world. Learning our roots matters.

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