Last week we talked about how simple we human beings can be. While that’s still true, the thing is we can still be complicated too… in the simplest of ways. Recall, for a moment, the last time you entered a store and an employee asked if they could help you. Do you remember how you replied? Did it sound something like, “Oh, no thank you, I am just looking”? All they were doing was offering to help. Maybe we looked a little lost or confused—and maybe we were—but all we want to do is shut down the gesture as quickly as possible. But they were offering help. Why would we reject that? Because we aren’t good at or comfortable with receiving it. So, this week, we want you to LEND A HAND. Now this might feel like a set-up, since we just established that we don’t like receiving help, but sometimes we need to push one another to help each other grow. People helping people is a beautiful thing. It’s called “service.” And, it is truly when we are at our best as human beings. So be extra aware this week for opportunities to step in and to lend a hand. Maybe it is a project at work or school or something around the house. Or maybe it is something for a total stranger. The key is taking action and stepping in—and receiving the help when it’s offered. Lending a hand matters.

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