During a crisis, whether it is a natural disaster, an act of aggression or terror, or even a virus, often times our first inclination is to hunker down and take care of ourselves. This is just something wired in our DNA—the fight to survive and to protect our loved ones and our selves. Makes sense, right? But this can’t be our only focus, because we also have compassion, love, and service wired in our DNA. It’s the stuff that gives people the courage to run into a burning building, the kindness to help a homeless person, and the bravery to be a health care worker on the front lines of this virus. But getting through these challenging times must be a “we” thing, so this week, we are asking everyone to LEND A HAND. We all have the capacity and the honor of being heroes. The only qualification, diploma, or badge we need is the one that says we are human. So as you navigate this new normal and find ways to meet the challenges we are all facing, really consider ways you can also lend a hand. Maybe it is volunteering at a food pantry or soup kitchen. Maybe it is writing letters or having a dozen bagels delivered for our health care workers. Or possibly helping an elderly neighbor with their grocery shopping. The opportunities to help are endless. Lending a hand matters… especially now.

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