If you are like most people, your engine tends to run at the higher end of the RPM gauge. Some of us, if we are being completely honest, might even say that our RPM-level is slightly redlining. And, when this happens, we do exactly the opposite of what we should do. That is, we shift into even higher gear instead of slowing down and cooling the jets a little bit. Don’t believe us? Then we have a question for you… How does it make you feel when some someone tells you to “Chill out” or “Relax”? Does it rev your engine? Make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and your blood pressure go up a notch or two? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. So, this week is just for us. And, at the risk of getting the same reactions that “Chill out” or “Relax” can trigger, this week we want you to LIGHTEN UP. Yes, we did. We said it… it is time to LIGHTEN UP. Life is not always supposed to be so serious. Sure we have our responsibilities and we all have to wear our big boy or big girl pants from time to time, but this doesn’t mean we need to suck all of the joy out of life. Laugh more; sing out loud; dance like no one is watching; start a hobby… doesn’t that sound nice? It’s time to embrace your inner-child. Lightening up matters.

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