There is a pulse in the world. A sound. A beat. Our ears are constantly bombarded by noise. The honk of a horn, the bass of a stereo, the ring of a phone, the bark of a dog, the sound of an alarm, the sirens of an ambulance. Can you hear it all now? All of this noise has almost become white sound for us. Not good. Not only do we not hear it anymore, but it also makes it difficult for us to focus and be present when we truly should be listening. We are distracted constantly which means we are not “connected” or “closely tied to” what is right in front of us. So, this week, we want you to LISTEN CLOSELY. Active and engaged listening is one of most powerful ways to not only learn more, but is also the best way to tap into and communicate empathy and compassion. Listening one hundred percent shows the people we love we care. It is always the place to start when helping others… and even ourselves. We let people know that they matter to us when we listen to them, which makes them feel relevant and, in turn, does the same for us. Dial in. Be aware. Be attentive. Listen in. And, be a sponge. It will lead to being relevant in every way. And, it will empower you to be completely in the game… of life. Listening closely matters.

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