“So, I was thinki…” “You know, wha…” “Hey, what you do is yo…” “I would lov…” Ever been in a situation when you were trying to say something and someone wouldn’t let you finish your sentence? Or, how about when you were saying something and, at the same time, someone else starts saying something to you and it becomes a game of who can say it the loudest? Both cases are great examples of a “communication breakdown.” But the truth is that interrupting someone can communicate more to that person than the words we actually used in the interruption. In fact, in the act of interrupting someone, what we are “saying,” without saying it, is that we are not listening. Yet, we all expect people to listen to us. Hmm. So, we have a simple solution to these breakdowns. This week, let’s choose to LISTEN FIRST. Easy, right? Well, the reality is that listening nowadays doesn’t come very natural for us. We’re distracted by our phones, we’re lost in our own thoughts, we start thinking about what we’ll say next, or we just start talking. But doing any of these makes it impossible for us to also be listening. So let’s choose to listen first. It’s the only way we can all be heard. Listening first matters.

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