Music is special. It reduces depression and anxiety. It improves our quality of sleep. It enhances verbal skills. And, it keeps our brains from aging. But music is also just flat out fun. It feels good and makes you happy. It connects cultures and people worlds apart. And, it has this amazing ability of taking us back to moments in life that are forever cemented in our brains because of the song that was playing. You remember those moments. You probably even remember the words of the song that was playing, even though you haven’t listened to it in years. So, this week, we want to honor music, because it deserves it… and so do you. It’s time to LISTEN, PLAY, APPRECIATE MUSIC. Maybe it’s time to pull out that old trumpet you used to play. Or maybe it’s time to crank up some tunes at home and just sing like no one is listening. Better yet, it’s summer, and that means concert season and live music is playing everywhere. Have you bought your tickets yet? Go be a groupie… just because. Music is the soundtrack of our life, so go enjoy it. Music matters.

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