Life is all about choices. It is really that simple. Sure, we have choices around what we are going to wear for the day and what we are going to have for lunch. And, yes, we think that fashion and food are definitely fun and important parts of expressing ourselves and enjoying life, but what about the bigger choices? What about the choices we make that directly shape who we are and how we show up every day? This week, we want you to choose to LIVE FULLY. There is a lot that happens around us each and every day that we can’t control. Most of us don’t have anything to do with the sun rising and setting every day or what our neighbor planted in their front yard. But, we do have control over more parts of our lives than we might want to admit. We do have total control over our thoughts, our actions, how we show up for other people, how we treat ourselves, and what we bring to the world. And, what if every one of us started each day with the idea that, today, I am going to be the best version of myself? That I am going to be an active participant in this thing called “Life” and be a positive influence on every part of it? Well, let’s just find out. Living fully matters.

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