When we think of a community, we might immediately visualize our town or city. Whether you live in an apartment next to the elevated subway, on a farm, in a planned urban development, or somewhere in between, each of us is part of a community. But where we live is not the only community in which we belong. Maybe you are in a community with your co-workers. Maybe you have a walking group or are part of a book club. Or maybe you are a member of a faith community or a community organization. Or maybe you check several of these boxes. Well, this week, we want you to LOVE YOUR COMMUNITY. Community is a beautiful thing. It brings people together. It creates opportunities for people to contribute, share, learn, feel accepted, be supported, welcomed, belong and simply be. A community can live life together, grow together, challenge each other and create understanding. But our communities are only as healthy and thriving if each member is willing to contribute and make them the best they can be. So how can you do something to show each of your communities some love? How can you be the one who inspires everyone to appreciate and engage even more? We know you can lead the way. Loving your community matters.

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