The words “love” and “generosity” are the perfect “six in one, half dozen in the other” combination of words. Let us explain… Someone might say that it’s impossible to love someone else until you learn how to love yourself. However, someone else might argue that you learn to love yourself through loving someone else. Now, we are not here to pick sides, because we happen to believe that both statements have a ton of truth to them. We also aren’t picking sides because both statements get us where we want to be this week. This week, we want you to LOVE YOURSELF. Maybe you are someone who is hard on yourself, focuses more on what you don’t do well, or even imagines untruths about yourself. It’s time to flip that script. Or maybe you are someone who doesn’t spend enough time sharing your love with someone else, and you feel disconnected or lonely. That’s enough of that. It’s time to spread some love. Because, at the end of day, no matter how you get there… loving yourself matters.

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