Last year, over $140 billion was spent on buying gift cards. Pretty impressive. However, over $1 billion worth of those cards are yet to be used. In other words, there is over $1 Billion in money out there that was spent on nothing. Yes, we capitalized the “B” on purpose. $1 Billion is a lot of money. So much so, that it’s pretty tough to wrap our heads around just how much that is. What does a “1” with nine “O’s” even mean? Well, we have an idea… it means a whole lot of arts and crafts materials that could be used to make gifts for one another. Just think about all of the scissors, yarn, glue, tape, and construction paper we could buy. Fun. So, this week, we are going to pretend that a little of this money is ours for the taking, and we are going to MAKE A GIFT for someone. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love gift cards just as much as anyone, but we also love “home-made,” “creative,” and “crafty.” Making a gift for someone offers so many cool benefits… You get to express yourself and be artistic. You get to spend time on thinking about what that special person would really love for you to create for them. And, you and the lucky recipient know your gift is one of a kind. So, get crafty this week. Making gifts matters.

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