What does it mean to truly be a friend? Or, said differently, how would you define what a friend really is? We live in an interesting time where we are more connected than ever before through technology, yet we feel less connection and community in our lives. We live in a time where we can “friend” and “un-friend” people with the click of a button. And, if someone doesn’t follow us on any of our several social media platforms then he or she is obviously not a friend. Is this what it means to be a friend? Might this new, convoluted and mistaken understanding of what friendship really is be why making friends is so challenging? It’s hard to achieve something when we have forgotten what it is supposed to look like. We need to get back on track in our culture. This week, we want you to MAKE A NEW FRIEND. Friendships are such a vital part of our lives. They are as important as exercising and eating healthily. Friends give us joy and laughter. They teach us about ourselves and other people. They teach us how to share and how to take turns; and they comfort us through our struggles and encourage us to go for it. Real friendships are priceless. They take nurturing and kindness. They take communication and vulnerability. They take courage… but are so worth it. Making a new friend matters.

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