Magic wands, lucky clovers, and genies in a bottle are typically only talked about in fictional books, television shows, and movies. It’s as if they don’t exist in real life, but we all wish they did. See how we just did that? But the fact is that they do exist in real life, because we all have the power to make a wish…or several for that matter. So this week, we want you to MAKE A WISH. Let’s just try it right now…close your eyes and make a wish. What did you wish for? When you made your wish, were you hopeful that it might just happen on it’s own or was it an idea you needed to make happen? The truth is that if we wish for something, we typically have to put in some effort in order for our wish to come true. If we wish to do well on a test, we probably need to study. If we wish to make a new friend, then we need to be a good friend too. You get the idea. As we edge closer to ending the year and starting a new one, what do you wish for? What do you want to make happen this coming year? Making a wish is a way for us to reflect on our dreams and hope for something good. It’s a way for us to create goals and identify what matters most to us. And, it’s an opportunity to create a better life and better world for everyone. So, as our final ask of the year, if you had three wishes, what would you hope for yourself, for others, for our world? Yes, making a wish matters.

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