Remember your first day of school or at a new job? Remember that group exercise class you walked into or that room full of strangers at a networking event you recently attended? There is something about the dynamic of bringing a group of strangers together that causes us to short circuit. Again, we are human, we have the ability to communicate and connect with other people, but as soon as we get in an environment with unfamiliar people, we lose all of our humanness. We get quiet. We don’t look people in the eyes. We stumble over our words and overthink everything. But there is an easy solution to all of this, and we want you to give it a try. Get ready to MAKE AN INTRO. Instead of all of that wasted energy that leads to even more awkwardness, what if we just immediately engaged someone and said, “Hi. My name is Paul, what’s your name?” Wow. Rocket science? We think not. Then, if you are feeling really brave, or just human, you can follow up with: “How are you doing today?” “Where are you from?” “What is something I should know about you?” The questions are endless, it just a matter of asking the right ones for the moment… or asking something period. Making an intro matters.

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