It used to be widely believed that a habit could be created in 21 days. New research, however, tells us it takes 66 days. These are interesting numbers when considering the fact that most New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February… just short of the 66-day mark. Maybe this is because the goal wasn’t realistic or there wasn’t an effective plan in place. Or maybe it’s because that important first step never happened. Regardless of the reasons, this time, we want you to truly MAKE IT A HABIT. We know that a lot can happen over a 66-day period. Life is dynamic and things change quickly. Things that weren’t a part of our plan grab at our attention and require our time and energy. So we need to help ourselves stay dedicated to creating a new habit and the good news is that we can. There are several things we can do to stay consistent and committed. We can set up reminders, take small steps every day, get an accountability buddy, celebrate our effort, not make excuses, revisit our goals, not lose sight, and learn to say no… just to name a few. Let’s use every tool we can to stay the course until it becomes second nature and we can’t remember how things used to be. That’s how habits form… if we let them. Making it a habit matters.

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