Have you ever thought about why we find magicians to be so captivating and entertaining? After all, we know that they truly can’t perform magic. They can’t actually have an empty hat and then magically pull a rabbit from it. They certainly can’t cut someone in half and then put them back together again. And, they clearly have a way of knowing exactly what card you pulled from the deck, even if you signed it. We know this because otherwise these tricks would defy all logic and laws of nature. Yet we still watch intently, filled with delight, marvel, and wonder. Why? Because the magical part of magic is that the magician is able to do all of these things right before our eyes, and we still have no clue how they do it. It is awe-inspiring, fun, intriguing, and sends our imaginations on overdrive. So, this week, let’s MAKE MAGIC. What makes you stop and marvel? Are there things that you see and do every day that bring you joy? What are the things you seek out so you have that special dose of magic in your life? And, how do you bring magic to those around you? Whatever magic means to you, we want you to find it and make it this week. Consider yourself a member of a new breed of magicians—the ones that celebrate and create moments of awe every day. Making magic matters.

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