When people are asked how they would have lived any stage of their life differently or what they regret the most, their answers usually relate to how they spent their time. Some of the most common responses include: I wish I hadn’t worked so hard; I wish I had stayed in better touch with my friends; I wish I had spent more time with the ones I love the most; or I wish I had pursued my passions more. So, in the spirit of love, it’s time for all of us to MAKE TIME. It isn’t necessarily easy to embrace, but time is not infinite when it comes to our journey on this planet. We each get 1,440 minutes a day and hopefully get to enjoy as many days as possible. But living without regrets starts with our choices right here and now. Spending time on ourselves to pursue our passions, live more authentically, and find more joy and happiness, matters. Spending time with and being more present with our children and elders, matters. So take this opportunity to be mindful of each and every moment and make sure you are making enough time for the things that matter most to you. Really love every time you walk your dog or pet your cat. Really love every meal you have with someone you care about. Really love laughing and playing and having fun. And, do more of all of it. Making time matters.

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