We have spent this entire month helping you connect with your uniqueness. We have asked you to embrace your gifts, use your voice constructively, make wise decisions that are true to you, and to celebrate how perfectly imperfect you are. Our hope is that you now have a better sense of who you are and that your newfound understanding really begins to inform how you show up everyday. So, whatever you do, no matter how you spend your time, you are doing it as you. Now, in a Pied Piper sort of way, this week, we want you to MARCH TO YOUR OWN BEAT. Just consider for a moment how your life might look different now that you own how unique you are. What new activities or hobbies or adventures might you take on? How will your friendships and relationships grow? How might your self-talk improve? How might you inspire other people to march to their own beat as well? A marching band of everyone dancing to their own beat might not look quite as organized, but it is surely a celebration of the diversity we all have to offer. Frankly, it might be the coolest, and certainly the most unique, marching band ever. Let’s all play our part in it and create a world that celebrates and welcomes difference and uniqueness. Marching to your own beat matters.

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