We are in an extremely interesting time right now. We are in the throws of a Presidential election scarred by untruths, contradictions and well, some very mean-spirited messages. Social media and the Internet have provided platforms for anyone to share their opinions with virtually no accountability. And words have basically become these combinations of letters that we throw around with no moral compass or regard for the damage they can do. What happened to the days when our words were held to a higher standard? They were true, they had meaning, and we took responsibility for how we handled them? Well, this week, we are going to raise this bar back up. It’s time to MEAN YOUR MESSAGE. Your words are powerful. They can tear someone down or lift someone up. They can encourage goodness and positivity in the word, or they can be gossip and fan the flames of hate and negativity. But knowing we have the ability to use our words for good, we’re wondering why we would ever choose the opposite? Let’s think before we speak. Let’s only say it if we really mean. And, let’s own what we post and how we communicate. And, if we can’t do these things, well, maybe some messages are just better left unsaid. Meaning your message matters.

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