Before we had courtesy, civility, and etiquette, we had something a little more basic that brought sophistication and class to the bourgeoisie. They were a set of guidelines, practices, social rules that helped advance humanity from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. No more eating with our hands, talking with our mouths full, drinking our soup… it was time to step it up. So, this week, as a little refresher, we want you to MIND YOUR MANNERS. We hope those three words didn’t just trigger a childhood memory of someone scolding you as a child. Yes, the saying “Mind your manners!” has become a parental favorite in somewhat of an unfortunate manner. Please know, that is not the tone we are communicating here. Rather, in the spirit of being honorable this month, we simply wanted to get back to the roots of all of this. Understanding the origin and the context of something has a way of helping us reconnect to the significance of it in our lives today. Plus, we live in a very different time today, which only intensifies the need for manners. It’s no longer only how we engage face-to-face, but also on the phone, in emails, text messages, video conferencing, and social media. So much interaction, such an increased need for manners. Let’s step it up again. Minding your manners matters.

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