We focus on relationships a lot at Every Monday Matters. That’s because we believe that relationships are essential to living a whole and happy life. Humans are communal creatures, and we need others in our lives to help balance us out, to bring needed perspective, to learn from, and to celebrate life with. As essential as relationships are, you’d think they would be easy—but we all know they’re not. Even the most important and strong relationships take work. This week, we’re challenging you to NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS, and to take care of the people and connections that mean the most to you. When you prioritize relationships in your life, you commit to being thoughtful and to choosing words and actions wisely. When you nurture a relationship, you support another person and go through the hard stuff and the good stuff together—learning all along the way. When you care for your relationships, you let another person know how much they matter to you. So, use this time of year to nurture and invest in the relationships in your life. Maybe you need to forgive or make amends. Maybe you can call someone who needs a friend. Or maybe you can go for a walk with a family member. Whatever you do, do it with thoughtfulness, care, and love. Nurturing relationships matters.

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