Being curious is a mindset. For many of us, it just comes naturally. We are wired to take notice, ponder, imagine. For others, it’s different. Some of us block out our periphery and stick with the straight and narrow. In either case, being curious requires us to be extremely present. To be aware of our surroundings. To look up from our screens. So, this week, we want you to OBSERVE MORE. No, you don’t have to drive to work in a different way or walk the dog on a new route. We are just asking you to take notice throughout your day and routines. What kind of cool cafes or stores do you drive by every day? What is the name of that beautiful tree with the most vibrant leaves you walk by each morning? Check out that person making your latte while toasting your bagel in record time. See, without paying attention and noticing it all, it is impossible to learn more. We are equipped with amazing senses and it is through those senses that we get to experience the world. So, let’s use them. Look around… see things. Breathe in and notice the smells. Take a listen and ponder what type of bird you are hearing. It is through being more aware that we are able to grow, learn, and engage in life. Observing matters.

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