When was the last time you were in a store and an employee came up to you to see if you needed help? Can you recall the moment? Can you also recall how you responded? Our guess is something like this, “No thank you, I am just looking.” Even if we believed that allowing the person to help might truly help us, we would rather just venture alone. But ever stop to think about why it is so challenging for us to ask for or receive help? Well we don’t get it, so this week, we want you to OFFER TO HELP. We know that we just established that people aren’t good at accepting help, but they are even worse at asking for it. So let’s be proactive. Let’s be aware. And, if we have to, let’s be persistent. We are on the brink of the end of the year. We know this means our to-do lists start to grow. Holidays always have that effect on us. At the same time, however, this year has been like no other, so we might even need to be a tad bit more perceptive in our quest to help people. With new routines, there tends to be new ways for us to help. And, like any good conversation, we might just have to ask the dreaded question, “Can I help you with anything?” Be prepared to get a “No, I’m good” in return, but don’t let them off the hook. Help or bust. Offering to help matters.

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