Whether we like to admit it or not, we have all had moments in life where we needed some help. Maybe you’re experiencing this right now. But the funny, and absolutely strange part about most of us, is that we really don’t like asking for help. What’s with that? When is the last time you asked someone for help on something? Then consider the last time you actually needed some help and wanted to ask, but for some reason didn’t ask. We can explore “why” you didn’t ask at a later date; but for now, we are going to flip this script. This week we want you to OFFER TO HELP. First off, since we just established that most of us are not so great at asking for help, wouldn’t it be nice to just offer it? You know when someone needs help… you can see it in their face and hear it their voice. You can tell when someone looks lost or overwhelmed. It’s easy. So, just ask. And, even if they say, “No,” because we know that will be their first response, ask again and let them know that you would be happy to. There is no greater gesture of service, love, and support than offering to help. You are saying that you are more than happy to give your time. That you see them and that they matter to you. And, that is awesome. Offering to help matters.

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