Most of us have spent the better part of two years behind walls and closed doors, disconnected from the outside world. Yes, we are starting to re-enter civilization and community, which comes with its fair share of anxieties and excitement; but our world has become much smaller than it was before. So much so, that our literal and figurative “doors” have become a bit more like walls—permanent structures that don’t open or close. But in the spirit of connection and compassion, this week, we want you to OPEN A DOOR. Closed doors create barriers. Our door might be a phone or device that distracts from seeing those around us. Our door might be how we perceive other people or cultures and place judgments. Our door could even be an emotion or feeling, like anger or anxiety, that prevents us from making meaningful connections. Whatever it is, we believe that inch by inch, we can work through those barriers and realize we have the power to open our doors. If we could truly see the person on the other side of the door, we might realize that we have much more in common than we had first thought. So, let’s turn the doorknob and welcome whatever and whoever is on the other side. Can we open a door to a new idea? Open ourselves to change? Open the door to someone new? Let’s open the doors to our hearts and minds. Opening a door matters.

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